[self-interest] goals (was: dynamic deoptimization)

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Tue Dec 13 08:53:25 UTC 2011

	Hi, there!

> My main problem with that project is that it uses
> generative coding (think macros) to get more done with less but this is
> done in a system that is unaware of this. So you get generated code side
> by side with hand written stuff and it takes a very long time to figure
> out which is which if you weren't the one who created them in the first
> place. This also tends to create many copies of the same stuff (made
> worse by the fact that there are several parallel experiments in the
> same code) and it takes a while to figure out which ones are used where.

	It seems that the experimental features of Self are getting in the way, again and again. I still think that a "simpler" (in terms of less experimental) Self is needed, name it an interpreter or maybe just a cleanup of the existing code.

> Personally I'd like to try baking SQLite into the VM and making snapshots actual databases including the saved objects. That gives us easy versioning and ability to create baked in object databases, while still retaining a single file snapshot with all its advantages, including the advantage that a wide variety of third party tools could read it in a pinch.

	Yep, probably this is offtopic, but for me, the need of working in a so-called snapshot is, by far, the worst feature of Self.	

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