jameskjxnoble kjx at
Sat Dec 10 10:44:57 UTC 2011

Hi all

I probably don't fit in to any of the groups - and I have my own "Post-Self" language now.
But sometimes (actually for NZ, right around now) I have more students than I can find scholarships for - particularly Master's students but also PhD. Some of them would be interested in this kind of project. 

MSc scholarships in NZ are around NZD 15000 for one year.

PhD scholarships are NZD25000 per year, needing to be covered for three years in advance.

Fees would also need to be covered at around NZD8000. 

Unfortunately that means little change out of NZD100,000 for a PhD (USD78k  EUR58k)
or NZD25000 for a Masters (USD20k  EUR15k)

I think that several of the approaches discussed in the thread would be suitable MSc/PhD projects.



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