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Ankh'nAton tb at
Fri Aug 19 06:54:44 UTC 2011

Russell Allen wrote:
> It gets easier. :)
> Btw it would be great if you could share what you find
> difficult/easy/unusual etc as you play with/learn Self.  Other peoples
> thoughts (and how they change) are always fascinating! Only if you feel
> like it of course.

Well, coming from Smalltalk I'm pretty used to looking things up in the
/SystemDictionary/ and the class tree. In Self I found /globals/, but for
the rest I must grasp the concepts of /prototypes/, /traits/ and /mixins/ to
get around. I think I found "Show traits family" too late, after reading the
"Self Handbook" PDF as mentioned in the Self blog lately. I use Self's
outliners like Smalltalk's inspectors  and enjoy their livelyness a lot.

I'm not so sure about proper recipes for doing things. For example, when
designing a new interactive object, should I clone from frameMorph and add
slots there, or would I be better off creating a model slot object and then
add slots to complete the model and for each morph of interest?

A Self Cookbook would be nice.


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