[self-interest] UnitTesting & TUIO & Klein

Jan-Paul Bultmann janpaulbultmann at me.com
Thu Oct 21 22:42:52 UTC 2010

Since I am new here I am gonna flood you guys with some questions :D  
Self is such a beautiful language and environment (not in a design  
sense ; ) ) and I think I finally found the holy grail^^

•How is klein going? Still alive?
•What do you think of TUIO (Multitouch Std Protocoll) integration, and  
converting the whole System to a mutlitouch environment? I think it  
would be the perfect match :D
I will move heaven and earth at my university to get that as my  
undergraduate thesis :D

On Oct 21, 2010, at 10:35 PM, Russell Allen wrote:

> There are a small number of unit tests spread around the standard  
> image, but no framework.
> I have looked at porting over sUnit or equivalent but haven't yet.   
> If anyone creates a decent unit testing framework I'd be happy to  
> include it!
> One issue is Self's preference for passing error handling blocks  
> down the stack rather than having a error handling mechanism passing  
> error objects up the call stack.
> Another issue is where the tests go. In most Smalltalks they seem to  
> sit in a parallel class structure, semantically linked by the class  
> name ie "OrderedCollectionTest" etc.  Is this the best way?  What is  
> the equivalent in Self?  I must admit to not wanting to tie our  
> objects to the formal lobby naming hierarchy more than necessary.
Sounds reasonable. Maybe a new testing application that allows you to  
integrate drivers, objects and mock objects. Im imagining the test  
driver on the left, the object under test in the middle connected with  
lines, and the mocks on the right also connected with lines, so that  
you can instantly see how its driven and how its hooked up :/...^^

Cheers Jan
> Russell

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