[self-interest] prioritized multiple inheritance?

J. Baltasar García Perez-Schofield jbgarcia at uvigo.es
Tue Jun 22 15:47:00 UTC 2010

	Hi, there!

> I'm new to Self, so sorry for maybe a stupid question. 
> I have read "Parents are shared parts of objects: inheritance and
> encapsulation in SELF" by Chambers, Ungar, Chang, and Hölzle and there is
> spoken about prioritized multiple inheritance by using the amount of "*"s
> after the slots name. 
> I tried to use this in the 4.4 Beta and get the error message that there
> must not be more than one * for a parent slot. 
> Did I made a mistake? Is prioritized inheritance implemented in an earlier
> release? 

	AFAIK, that feature didn't made it in the final product, due to problems with the rules in charge of deciding which path to follow each time (tie-breaker rule, if I remember correctly).

	Anyway, they'll answer you better than me.

-- Baltasar García Perez-Schofield (jbgarcia at uvigo.es)
Dpt. Informática, Universidad de Vigo, España

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