Some question regarding SELF VM

smisra dexter.mishra at
Mon Feb 8 06:55:46 UTC 2010

This may be a premature question. I should read all the papers on SELF before
writing this, but I am just too curious. Why do we have a different SELF VM.
>From the few documents I read, I found that self helped improve the VM
technology for java vm. Then why not use java VM? Or LLVM? I am just asking
this because of the experience I had with the scratch VM recently. Well it's
a smalltalk variant squeak, its a great system, but I was not able to use it
in a simple game I created. The fact is the smalltalk makes it not so easy
to integrate it with some other C++/JAVA system, and the maintainers of the
language suggested me to learn smalltalk, which I am not so curious to do.
Having a common VM platform may enable different users to use SELF objects
from other programing language also.
I am sure there is a solid reason for having a separate VM for self.
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