[self-interest] Distributed Objects

ungar at mac.com ungar at mac.com
Tue Dec 28 02:22:18 UTC 2010

We did it for Klein after a fashion. There is also a transparent forwarder in the Self world, don't recall what we called it.

- David

On Dec 27, 2010, at 1:12 PM, Jan-Paul Bultmann wrote:

> Hey,
> I realized that remote message sending between Objects of different worlds would come in pretty handy.
> Transporting Object live would become trivial and we could do networking entirely in self without inventing protocols.
> It was one of the powerful things that next introduced, in its lightweight form.
> So has something like this been tried and worked on before?
> Doing it for unary messages would be trivial, but once you put argument objects in there it gets nasty.
> Cheers Jan

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