[self-interest] Re: Klein, ARM and Self Hardware

Thorsten Dittmar thormar at me.com
Wed Dec 15 17:05:59 UTC 2010

> This was kind of the idea I had, when I proposed a dedicated self platform. Say... like the beagle board (http://beagleboard.org/) and as a result the touchbook which is based on it.

got it, but if we go for a system like this, nearly nobody can help you. except of the people who have a system like this, or? would it be easier to finalize the Klein stuff on a mac or so?  

> We could focus on one assembler for one processor, one grapics hardware e.t.c we could write the system completely self contained (I like the pun and will use self contained as completely written in self :D).
> So we would not have to worry to get klein running on this machine, with that ram or this gpu.
> I might be wrong with this though :)

I'm not sure. When I was young... so long ago ;-) I was working for a company who did the Atari port for VisualWorks Smalltalk. It was always a lot of work to port the vm to another platform and a solid and working system on another platform was always a big help. So I guess, but maybe I'm wrong, it would be much easier to port self to another platform if we have done our homework already eg. on athe mac.

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