Klein, ARM and Self Hardware

Jan-Paul Bultmann janpaulbultmann at me.com
Tue Dec 14 14:51:13 UTC 2010

This ones a bit more towards Adam :)
How is Klein going? I know you're basically doing this alone...
I talked a bit with Thomas about where the best point was, to start pushing self without getting lost on the way. There is so much to do and once you start fixing one thing you notice you have to go a layer deeper and deeper and deeper.
Like my goal of writing a desktop background. Should be a easy start, I thought :), oh what a fool I was.
I endet up with the glCanvas. But writing OpenGl glue for the current vm might too not be the right choice, maybe this should rather be done for Klein.
So what do you think?

The other thing is, maybe we should pick a device and make it the main supported platform for self.
I was thinking about something like this 

It seems to fit to the interest there was in porting self to the iPad, and I personally think multitouch fits our direct manipulation mantra well.
Once we had full support of the single device fir Klein we
Could port it to other platforms.
But knowing exactly what hardware we are running on might help us the same way it helps apple compared to Microsoft or android.
So again what do you think :)?

Cheers jan

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