[self-interest] Filing Out A Composite Morph?

Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com
Thu Dec 9 10:12:09 UTC 2010

I don't know why a morph should be any different to any other object from
the point of view of the transporter.

Is the rawMorphs slot the only missing slot when you file in the .self
file?  Is the module of that slot correctly set?

Apart from that, not sure.

If you can get me the snapshot somehow I can try it myself and see if
anything jumps out at me.

- Russell

> Does Self support filing out composited morphs?  I composited a number of
> morphs to create an irc chat UI, but I'm having troubles writing it out.
> I turned an instance of the morph into a prototype; added it to a module;
> setup the copy-down slots to Copydown parent: 'rowMorph',  Copydown
> selector: 'copyRemoveAllMorphs'... and I think that's about it.
> The module files out and in without errors, but when I try and create an
> instance of the prototype I get an error message about 'rawMorphs' being
> missing.  I can fix this by manually setting the irc morph's copy-down
> attributes (they don't seem to copy over as part of the file-in/out
> process) but then the original submorphs don't exist.
> Besides having trouble describing the problem - am I doing something
> wrong?

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