Filing Out A Composite Morph?

Josh Flowers joshflowers at
Thu Dec 9 04:12:15 UTC 2010

Does Self support filing out composited morphs?  I composited a number of morphs to create an irc chat UI, but I'm having troubles writing it out.

I turned an instance of the morph into a prototype; added it to a module; setup the copy-down slots to Copydown parent: 'rowMorph',  Copydown selector: 'copyRemoveAllMorphs'... and I think that's about it.

The module files out and in without errors, but when I try and create an instance of the prototype I get an error message about 'rawMorphs' being missing.  I can fix this by manually setting the irc morph's copy-down attributes (they don't seem to copy over as part of the file-in/out process) but then the original submorphs don't exist.

Besides having trouble describing the problem - am I doing something wrong?

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