[self-interest] Even A Developer Would Call It Ugly [1 Attachment]

Josh Flowers joshflowers at mac.com
Tue Dec 7 04:44:40 UTC 2010

Don't feel I was clear enough on one point - Chris
Double still deserves the credit for this.  90% of 
the code that's running is untouched from his

> but we did get a very basic, very hacked up,
> very functional IRC client working in Self.  I
> actually used it for a good deal of the chatting
> I did in #self-lang.
> Most of the UI was created directly, so I don't
> think filing out the code is going to do much good.
> If enough people are interested I'll work on
> creating something more reusable.
> There was a half-joking claim that without
> screenshots the thing doesn't exist, so - and I
> warn you this is not safe for people with design
> astetic to look upon - here it is:
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