[self-interest] Propogating slot changes in Morphs

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It sounds as if 'clone' has a different meaning in Io? It doesn't mean
'copy' but 'create new child'?

Talking about Self though, I guess it depends on how delegation is
conceptualised. If you think of parents are being shared parts of objects,
then an object is made up of its own slots and also slots it shares with
other objects. It seems as if what is needed is a third concept - slots
which are 'semi-shared'.


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On 16/04/10 14:20, Russell Allen wrote:
> Ideally I suppose what is needed is a slot which 'belongs' to the parent
> object but which nevertheless can have different values depending on the
> child.

Yes, this is similar to how inheritance works in the Io programming 
language. When you clone an object it doesn't clone the slots. it does 
copy-on-write in that it creates a copy of the cloned objects slots when 
you set them on the child. This makes 'data parents' a bit easier to 
deal with in that you can add new slots to all cloned objects easier.

Thanks for the pointer to copy down slots - I'll read up on them.



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