[self-interest] Propogating slot changes in Morphs

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The concept of 'copy down' slots sounds close - see
http://docs.selflanguage.org/howtoprg.html at 5.4.6 for some info. Basically
the mechanism is part of the transporter.


But I think you're looking for something more general. 


Ideally I suppose what is needed is a slot which 'belongs' to the parent
object but which nevertheless can have different values depending on the
child. I wonder how hard that would be to create. Maybe something like:


a: (| slot: 23. "default value" slot: x = ( "use a mirror to create a slot
called 'slot' and set the value to x" ) |)

b: (| parent* = a |)


so the first time we send 'slot: 50', the method 'slot:' in object a creates
a slot 'slot <- 50' in b, and after that all calls to 'slot:' on b refer to
the local slot.


But I'm not in front of my laptop so I've no idea if that is feasible.






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When doing the scrolling changes in my image I added a slot to 
WorldMorph to hold the current point when initiating the scroll. The 
methods in the WorldMorph traits object used this to read/write and do 

This didn't change existing WorldMorphs since they are clones of 
WorldMorph and the data slots are actually held in the morph, not a 
parent slot. So I manually re-added the slot in all existing 
WorldMorph's to prevent errors when the WorldMorph trait methods were 

Is there a way to do this automatically when adding/changing slots in a 
Morph? What's the idiom in Self for dealing with this sort of thing?


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