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Sun Oct 18 21:20:13 UTC 2009

Thanks, this is a great help.

I find that section 3.1 (World Organisation) produces an Oops.. This link appears to be broken page recently.



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>  From the Blog ( 
> ):
> Documentation is at the heart of any successful open source project  
> and, as Self wakes from its slumbers, documentation is vital to  
> providing a way for interested people to learn and participate.
> Self has a number of manuals, as well as important published papers,  
> but these have been available only as pdf.
> Three of these manuals (the Programmers Reference Manual, the  
> Programming Environment Manual and the Morphic Manual) have been  
> turned into HTML and combined into the new Self Handbook, which is  
> available to read on line at
> This is quite comprehensiveĀ—in pdf form it is at the moment around 140  
> pages.
> Read and enjoy!
> Russell

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