Self 4.4 Alpha 2 Release

Russell Allen mail at
Sat May 9 08:26:04 UTC 2009

Hi all,

To keep things ticking over, I've released a new alpha of 4.4.

The difference from the first alpha are:

- When you double-click snapshots on MacOS X they will open without  
the  This allows Self snapshots to behave as though they  
were 'normal' MacOS applications (or executable jar files in Java).   
You can of course run Snapshots from the terminal if you wish, either  
by making them executable and running them or by 'Self -s Clean.snap'

- The Demo.snap is back!

- The VM version number has been incremented so that previous 4.3  
snapshots (and, unfortunately, 4.4 alpha 1 snapshots) will not run.   
This is necessary because the vm was previously attempting to run old  
snapshots, but failing in random ways (mostly connected with changes  
in the MacOS X primitives)

When I get a 4.4 VM built on Sparc Solaris, I will release a beta.

Until then, I am very interested in any feedback that you can give me.

There are known issues with keyboard behaviour; these haven't been  
fixed yet.

Download 4.4 Alpha 2 from



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