Prototypes in Self And JavaScript

brassplume brassplume at
Fri Jul 31 00:30:06 UTC 2009

Hi Russell, 

Thanks for the tip. 4.4 it is. No trackpad, unfortunately. My MacBookPro is from 2007. No worries, though. 

Thanks for connecting the dots about Lively Kernel. I saw something about that about a year ago or more on Squeak News. I need to look at that. 

I've been reading some papers and started on Chris's blog. The wiki page says Self is a protest against proceeding from taxonomy to behavior. To me that says its a protest against going from the general to the specific. Self is about going from specific and then grouping things later under general labels. Organizing Programs Without Clases uses the word flexible repeatedly. I guess that comes from the lower level of granularity used in Self with the key unit of construction being the slot.

It's a cool summer project. 



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