Font substitution crash in Linux

Chris Double chris at
Fri Jul 24 03:26:35 UTC 2009

I sometimes get a crash in the UI running under Linux due to a font
not being available. The crash prints in the console:

Error: could not load substitute font:
Receiver is: a x11Globals fontDictionary.
UI step failed twice in Self 1(type: worldMorph) -- starting debugger
in new world
Could not open display "localhost:0.0", error: primitiveFailedError
    1. Try Again
    2. Try Local Display
    3. Give Up
[Type the number of your selection]

None of the available options allow resuming since the same error
continuously occurs. It seems that the requested font is not available
in the size of 9 points,

The easiest way I can reproduce it is to evaluate something like 'foo'
in a shell in the UI, where 'foo' does not exist. The debugger pops up
and expanding the stack causes the error.

As a temporary workaround I modified the method
'structForFontSpec:WindowCanvas:' in 'traits xFontDictionary' so that
when it tries to use the substitute font it specifically uses a size
of '10' - one I know that exists on my system.

-  substituteName: (fullNameFor: x11Globals scalableFont times Size:
fSpec size).
+ substituteName: (fullNameFor: x11Globals scalableFont times Size: 10).

This stops the crash and lets me use the debugger and other tools (The
inspectors in the Smalltalk application),


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