Some questions about Self (Transcript, Modules, Browsing Subobjects, Debugging, defaultBehavior)

shanenbe stefan.hanenberg at
Thu Dec 3 09:48:15 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I am relatively new in Self and have a bunch of questions (I am using Self 4.4 alpha2/Linux).

1. Transcript
I wanted to implement something such as Transcript - but I saw that there is already such an object (but I cannot open it).

  transcript copy show.

ends with a "depth not found"-error. Is it maybe a restriction of my linux, or does transcript really has this problem?

2. Modules
Is there an easy way to see what elements are in a module? For examples, I added a module "shChanges" which I open via "modules shChanges". Can I see somehow what objects exist in this module?

3. Subobjects of a certain object
Is there a way to see what objects are subobjects of a given one? For
example, if I have an outliner for "defaultBehavior". Is there a way to get a list of all object which use defaultBehavior as parent?

4. Debugging
Is there a way to evaluate an object which is shown in the debugger. For example, if I have a error in a statement such as 

doPrint: myObject doSomething

and I want to inspect myObject. Does the debugger provide such a thing? Can I evaluate a statement using the context of the debugger?

5. Design decision with defaultBehavior
I am slightly confused about the design decision that not every object has defaultBehavior as super object. Is this intended in that way or rather "an accident"? The reason why it confuses me is, that i cannot use a new created object within a collection (since slots for e.g. comparing objects are not available).


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