[self-interest] Funny thing when removing globals* slot from the lobby

Niko Schwarz niko.schwarz at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 14 09:15:12 UTC 2009


> I'm intrigued - do you have a goal or are you just trying to see how  
> far you can bend Self before it breaks? :)

Well, obviously my curiosity is killing me! Apart from that, I'm  
evaluating ideas for a version control system, where the different  
forks can live side by side.  I was looking at Smalltalk Changeboxes  
and similar approaches. In Squeak, virtualizing method calls requires  
hooking into the compiler. In Self, in theory, it would be as easy as  
exchanging the lobby.

> if I were doing this I would maybe try making the changes to the  
> Self files and rebuilding the snapshot.

Thanks so much for the insight! Umm, I assume I find the Self files in  
the source tarball? I'll see if I can do that.



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