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brassplume brassplume at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 6 16:01:37 UTC 2009

Whoa. I was afraid to come back to this thread, as I figured that post of mine would be bad news. I thought last night "Well, even if they find that post asinine, that was a distinction I had to make for myself." 

I guess it's safe to say that post hit a bit of a nerve, and people found it somewhat useful. 

It's all Adam's fault. He came to the Toronto Smalltalk Users Group, and now I feel as though Self is a missing piece in a bridge between Smalltalk and JavaScript. I don't need you to agree with that, but I think that my thinking that will be useful to your community. Here's why. 

I have a burgeoning web enterprise called Smalltalk Television. It's a host for Seaside images and videos on introductory Smalltalk. I need a way to promote it. What I plan to do is make an ongoing video blog called Know Your Prototypes - Know Your Self. The Smalltalk videos are private. The Self videos starting at the end of the month will be free and will invite feedback from Self, Io and prototype languages and the JavaScript crowd I'll be promoting it to. 

The aim will be to raise awareness about Smalltalk Television in a useful way to the JavaScript world. In my bones, like I said, I feel Self is the missing link I've been looking for, the tool that goes just so in my set of tools. 

I don't want to get ugly after making what I imagine is a basically a good first impression, but this is about to happen, whether you like it or not. The first video goes up before ESUG starts, as I know a guy doing a presentation there, who'll be pointing to my site http://www.smalltalktelevision.com as a model for marketing. 

So... come, watch the video, then comment on the ST Google Group. If you think it's wrong - great, explain why. Your corrections will provide me with fodder for the next biweekly video blog post. 

And no, I'm not much of a programmer. But I'm a good game show host. :)


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