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russell.allen23 mail at
Sat May 31 06:15:30 UTC 2008

Hi Adam,

I have Ubuntu set up on Vmware on my mac, and have checked out the cvs tree, but 
frankly am a bit daunted by where to start compiling.

In linux I would expect the standard gnuish ./configure; make; make install but I'm not 
sure where to start with Self.

I don't suppose there is a recipe out there of the 'go to vm/linux and make interpreter' sort 
to get me started?  


--- In self-interest at, "Adam Spitz" <adam.spitz at ...> wrote:
> > Also I note the makefile put in at bin/linux about
> > 5 months ago - does this mean the VM will now
> > compile under linux?
> That's a good question. :) I think it might. I know Dave was working on getting the 
> version of Self running under Linux (and he says he thinks it should work now), but I 
> have a Linux machine myself, so I haven't been able to try it.
> Feel like giving it a shot and letting me know how it works out? :) If it does, we should 
> some new packages built and put them up on the Download page.

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