Webserver in Self

russell.allen23 mail at russell-allen.com
Sun May 18 08:55:21 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your help.

I hacked up a small and extremely simple webserver based on the socketServer code.  The 
transporter code goes in applications/.  I'm not sure if I can attach it to an email so I've put 
it up on the web at: http://russell-allen.com/self/downloads/files/webserver.self 

File in with: bootstrap read: 'webserver' From: 'applications'
Setup default with:  webserver registerServlet: (webserver exampleServlets fileServlet copy) 
At: ''.
Start with: webserver start
Go to: http://localhost:8080/

I'd appreciate it if anyone has a change to try to file it in and possibly comment on how 
'selfish' it is in style.

Some notes and comments I made while writing it:

- although I worked out how to write out a module from the materials, I had more trouble 
reading it in again.  I eventually found a note on Jecel's site with the magic incantation 
(bootstrap read: 'webserver' From: 'applications'); I couldn't find a suitable way to do it 
from morphic.
- I was pleasantly suprised how nice Self morphic was for *writing* code (the word isn't 
quite right - it felt more like construction than writing)
- On the other hand, the inspectors were hard to *read* code with.  My continual question 
was "What methods does a string understand anyway?" and "How do I open a file?"; it was 
hard to answer this without opening millions of inspectors all over my nice nebraskan 
plain (plane?).
- I kept on writing stuff like "method: a = (|| a print )" and getting an error because I 
needed a space between the bars.
- syntax differences from Smalltalk I haven't yet internalised: the use of capital letters in 
message names, block notation; I kept writing: "[:k | k print]", slots between the bars; I 
kept writing "| var1 var2 | code"
- it was most frustrating that the inspectors for arrays/lists/dictionaries showed the 
normal slots and not a more useful view of what was actually in the collection



PS: I've just noticed that the Transporter has declared my code to be (c) Sun and Stanford, 
which it obviously isn't.  Is there a way to change this?

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