Getting someone to port Self

Russell Allen mail at
Fri Aug 22 12:25:08 UTC 2008


I'm interested in making a number of improvements/changes to Self, not  
for any particular commercial motive but out of general interest in  
Self and its ideas.

A good starting point for this would be getting the Self VM working  
properly on linux and Windows.

Unfortunately, I'm not a C++ person, and the learning curve is a bit  
too steep and my time too limited to do it myself.

What I was wondering was whether anyone on this list knew any students  
who would be interested in doing the porting work. I would be prepared  
to put some money towards the effort of porting if it would help,  
though obviously my budget is pretty limited.  Everything done would  
be released under the same open source licence as the rest of Self.

I'm open to any alternative ideas on how to get there too!

Best wishes,


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