[self-interest] xcode problems installing Klein

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Sun Oct 1 20:49:01 UTC 2006

Adam Spitz wrote:
> I'm not sure what to tell you about the .xcodeproj file. I don't know much about
> Mac OS "bundles." On my machine (a Powerbook running Mac OS 10.4.7), when
> I download the Klein distribution from the website and double-click it to unzip it,
> I can find the klein_C_code.xcodeproj file and it shows up correctly (as a single
> bundle, not a directory). 

That is what I expected. Perhaps it is a matter of changing some setting
in the uncompression tool? The Mac (a G5 iMac) is at home so I will have
to look into this later.
> Alex suggested that the problem might have something to do with different
> versions of Xcode. We've been using Xcode 2.3. I don't know whether that's
> likely to make a difference or not.

I thought you guys might have been using Xcode 3.0 already - I doubt
there would be any real difference between 2.0 and 2.3. My problem was
very likely to have been in the uncompression stage.
> Is your Macintosh PowerPC-based or Intel-based? I'd be happy to send you my
> kleinDebugServer executable, but I've only got a PowerPC version. 

Thanks! Though as you mentioned below, I probably don't actually need
it. But it might be nice to have in case I do want to run stuff in the
future, so first I will try to fix that bundle/folder thing. If that
doesn't work then it would be great to get the pre-compiled debug server
for the PowerPC.
> In any case, though, you shouldn't need the debug server just to browse
> through the sources. At what point during the file-in process do you run
> into errors? (What does the console output look like?)

I got dumped into the VM# prompt and didn't try restarting the scheduler
(and then the desktop) to see what would happen. I'll have to run it
again to see what the errors were.

> The postFileIn for the vmKits module tries to run Klein's automated test
> suite (which requires the debug server to be working), but by the time
> you get to that point, all the Klein source code has been filed in. Assuming
> you've gotten to that point, you should be able to browse through the
> sources (maybe after closing the existing Self world and opening a new one)
> with no trouble.

It looked like all the files had been read in and there were lots and
lots of tests sending their output to the console, each one related to a
PowerPC instruction (I think - it has been a looong time since I looked
at that processor's instruction set). I will try "prompt start" and
"desktop go" (just looked these up ;-) if I get another crash.

One thing I am interested in is comparing Klein with the sources for
Exupery, which is a bytecode-to-x86 compiler written in Squeak
Smalltalk. The goals are rather different (the focus for Exupery is good
code generation at the cost of compilation speed) so I want to see what
effect, if any, that had on the program structure.

-- Jecel

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