Error on Linux Version

ldbn74 ldbn74 at
Sun Nov 5 12:18:54 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I am receiving the following message when trying to run The Self for
Linux version (Harald's). 

dnielben at debianpcdan:~/personal/applications/Self-linux-0.2.4$ ./Self
-s Demo.snap

        Welcome to the Self system!  (Version 4.1.5)

Copyright 1992-2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Stanford University.
See the LICENSE file for license information.

Type _Credits for full credits.

VM version: 4.1.10

"Self 1" finger: connect: Connection refused
sigchild ignored
finger: connect: Connection refused
sigchild ignored
Error: could not load substitute font:
Receiver is: a x11Globals fontDictionary.
To debug in ui2, type:      selfProcessModel debugProcess: 0 as
to debug in console, type:  attach: 0
to dump stack, type:        0 as printError.

The result is a white window where I was expecting the graphical

Some one can help me with this?


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