Self for PPC on Rosetta?

Keith Braithwaite yahoo at
Thu Mar 2 10:04:14 UTC 2006

Some years ago I bought a SparcServer 20 off eBay to have a machine
that would run Self at full speed, and then later I rejoyced that the
Power version of the VM got updated and so my PowerBooks could be
speedy Self platforms---so much more convenient than hauling the SS20
around! But now Mr Jobs has made it so that I can't buy a new Power
laptop when the time comes to next upgrade. Might not be able to buy a
(consumer) Power desktop soon, either.

So, two questions: does anyone know how well the Power version of Self
runs on an Intel Mac, and would there be any point returning to the
second-hand market at some future time to buy a small RS6000 and
trying to host Self on that?


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