attack of the clones

jeceljr jecel at
Thu Aug 25 17:20:11 UTC 2005

Two interesting papers were mentioned today in the Smalltalk blogs 
(as seen in

"Attack of the Clones"
by James Noble and Brian Foote
KoalaPLoP 2002

This shows the implementation of a number of Design Patterns in Self 
and manages to use dynamic inheritance for most of them. It includes 
a quick introduction to Self at the end. It is pretty funny and goes 
into details about a subject that has been discussed a few times on 
this list.

One little thing is that the textual notation for Self, while the 
best choice for a paper and how we used it the first few years, 
isn't what Self is like to me having used the Self 4 GUI for the 
past ten years. In fact, that was how I had always pictured Self 
given the illustrations in the original paper. But given that one of 
the authors went in a different direction (Tarraingim is mentioned) 
the text bias is very understandable.

Another paper is:

"Language Constructs for Context-oriented Programming: An Overview 
of ContextL"
by Pascal Costanza and Robert Hirschfeld

Mentions Self, Us, Slate, Squeak and others while showing how to use 
subjective programming to implement multiple graphical views for 
objects. The footnote in the first page saying that Morphic has a 
problem with this is a little odd since that was one of the explicit 
goals of Morphic's design (no object should appear twice on the 

-- Jecel

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