[self-interest] Compiling Self for Windows

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Sat Aug 20 01:20:04 UTC 2005

> has anyone recently compiled Self for Windows? gcc 2.x seems to be no 
> longer available at Cygwin. What about gcc 3? Apple is using gcc 3 for 
> their code, isn't it? Would it be possible to compile Self with gcc 3? 
> Has anyone tried yet?

I haven't tried it. Apple is using gcc 4 as the default in Tiger and
this has caused some problems for language implementations due to some
change in argument order on the stack, it seems. The solution is to fall
back on gcc 3.3 or to use less optimization. I hope that someone who has
actually compiled the virtual machine will give you a better reply.

-- Jecel

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