mirrors (was: [self-interest] Adding method slots dynamically)

jbgarcia at uvigo.es jbgarcia at uvigo.es
Thu Aug 18 07:47:02 UTC 2005

Hi, Jecel !

> > I've browsed the article and I've also read your answer. Though there
> isn't
> > anything wrong in Mirrors for me, I am not totally convinced about them.
> I have adopted a different solution for Neo Smalltalk, so I can
> certainly understand that no everybody likes this solution.

Could please explain your approach ? Or just paste some links ...

> In Self you can have objects like
> (| count <- 1. inc = (count: count + 1) |)
> which does not inherit from some global "Object". In fact, it is a good
> idea to use such objects whenever possible and only make them inherit
> from "traits oddball" or "traits clonable" when they really need it to
> do their job. This is the "principal of least authority" from the
> security guys applied to object design.

Well, yes, that's an interesting point.

Salud !



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