prototype multiple dispatch creates uncollectable garbage?

Brian T. Rice water at
Fri Sep 3 18:36:58 UTC 2004

Brian T. Rice wrote:

> James McCartney wrote:
>> This is a post I made on the self-list which I am reposting here
>> with a more attention getting subject line. I am curious what the
>> solution is, if there is one. I just joined the list so perhaps
>> this has been discussed. The archives don't appear to be
>> searchable.
> These last few days, I am really busy moving between apartments, and
> I had written a reply but lost it. For now, I will answer that yes
> this does seem to be a current problem, but, no, I can't figure out
> an actual realistic use-case for multi-methods applied at least
> partly to non-well-known (not reachable by name from the lobby)
> objects.

I forgot to mention why this last statement holds. Methods and Blocks in
Slate are the same kind of object, so creating a quick block literal 
stored in a slot and applying it is much much cheaper than defining a 
method and then doing dispatch on temporaries.

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