[self-interest] Performance?

Steve Dekorte steve at dekorte.com
Tue Oct 19 05:34:45 UTC 2004

On Oct 18, 2004, at 10:20 PM, Michael Latta wrote:
> I just compared my 1Ghz G4 and my dual 2Ghz G5 and the G5 is slower!  I
> presume that the Self compiler is testing for architecture and the G5
> is failing?
> On the G5 I am only getting ... 900k sends/sec
> with the G4 ... 1600k sends/sec.
> Squeak on the G5 is ... 6800k [sends/sec]

What does a "send" mean here?
Is that a instance variable access or a method activation?

On my dual 2.5Ghz G5, Io does 5.4 million instance variable accesses 
per second and 3.2 million method/block activations per second, but I 
would expect Self to be 10x faster than that, even on your dual 2Ghz 

Also, Python does 4.8 million instance variable accesses per second and 
1.5 million method/block activations per second on my machine.

-- Steve

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