on the power of self-recursion

joglimming glimming at kth.se
Sun Oct 17 13:00:40 UTC 2004

Dear Self-enthusiasts,

I am looking for examples of algorithms or recurring software patterns 
which are self-mutable, or which are greatly simplified/made more efficient because of
method update.

Is anyone aware of some strikingly nice bits of Self code that illuminates the power
of method update in capturing recurring reusable patterns or in algorithm design? 
For example, are there some algorithms which are particularly nice/simple/efficient/
reusable in Self?

By the way, I am working on a recursion principle within object-based programming 
languages. This principle allows recursive method updates to be performed.
I am trying to develop an algebra of object-oriented programs for pointfree
derivations of programs.

Best Wishes,
Johan Glimming

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