Filing out Self code

German Morales germanmorales at
Wed May 12 11:27:52 UTC 2004

Thanks, I'll try. 
German Morales 
--- In self-interest at, Jecel Assumpcao Jr 
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> On Tuesday 11 May 2004 21:58, German Morales wrote: 
> > Hi everybody, 
> > 
> > I'm using Self4Linux. 
> > I've written some code in a Shell and now I have my objects 
> > floating in the screen. 
> Great! 
> > My problem is that I need to put the written code in a document. 
> My trainee needed this too in order to include the sources in a 
> he was writing for a class. I wrote a short piece of code to save 
> sources for all the methods in a given object to a file. I don't 
> I have that anymore, but it should be simple to rewrite it. 
> > I've tried different things without success: 
> > 
> > -Copy in Self4Linux, Paste in a linux text editor: 
> >  Nothing happens. It seems that the Self clipboard 
> >  is not connected with the outside world. 
> I see that 'xStoreBytes:' in 'traits xlib display' does make an 
> to save the contents into the X clipboard in addition to a local  
> buffer, but it doesn't seem to be working in Linux. I didn't have  
> better luck in Solaris. 
> > -Putting all the selectors in a Module, and writing it: 
> >  Fails. I get this error: 
> >     Error: ENOENT while trying to open file 
> >        "../objects/applications/bar.TMP". 
> >     Receiver is: unixGlobals os_file. 
> The problem here is that all your files are in a single directory, 
> on Solaris and Mac OS X you have a directory tree like 
> self 
> self/manuals 
> self/objects 
> self/objects/applications 
> self/objects/core 
> self/objects/glue 
> self/objects/graphics 
> self/objects/misc 
> self/objects/tests 
> self/objects/ui1 
> self/objects/ui2 
> self/objects/ui2/outliner 
> self/tutorials 
> One alternative is to change the prefix that the transporter uses 
> saving modules from "../objects/applications/" to "./", but it 
might be  
> easier to just put things in an "objects" subdirectory and create 
> empty "applications" subdirectory inside that. Don't worry about 
> ".TMP", since that will be renamed to ".self" if there are no 
> during the file out (this is in order not to ruin a previous 
version of  
> the file in case there are problems). 
> The code generated by the transporter isn't very pretty, but if it 
> very large you can easily edit away most of the extra stuff by 
> -- Jecel 

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