Filing out Self code

German Morales germanmorales at
Wed May 12 00:58:29 UTC 2004

Hi everybody, 
I'm using Self4Linux. 
I've written some code in a Shell and now I have my objects happyly 
floating in the screen. 
My problem is that I need to put the written code in a document. 
I've tried different things without success: 
-Copy in Self4Linux, Paste in a linux text editor: 
 Nothing happens. It seems that the Self clipboard  
 is not connected with the outside world. 
-Putting all the selectors in a Module, and writing it: 
 Fails. I get this error: 
    Error: ENOENT while trying to open file 
    Receiver is: unixGlobals os_file. 
Any idea of how to export my code will be greatly appreciated. 
German Morales 

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