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Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Mon Mar 8 21:13:41 UTC 2004

On Sunday 07 March 2004 04:54, Dennis Navarro wrote:
> i'm doing a research paper on Self, about what it is(like its
> details, etc)..  i was wondering could i ever use self on a
> microsoft OS? because i want to try it out, for me to feel what it
> is to use self.  also i need information on the language.

It should be possible to run Self in Windows, but I have never tried it. 
If you look at the download section of you will see that the link for the 
Windows version is the same as for the Linux one. That is because they 
are actually the same and you run it in Windows with the Cygwin porting 
library/tool. That is hardly trivial to do, so you might have better 
luck rebooting your machine into Linux with a CD-only distribution like 
Knoppix and then trying the Self version instead. In fact, I suspect 
this might be the case even if you have never seen Linux before.

As an alternative, you might check out "Self: The Movie;" that is now 
available from the page I indicated above. Steve Dekorte complained 
that it isn't working for him, so in case it is a DNS problem you can 
also try

Please note that the upload bandwidth is very limited (128Kbps) and the 
files will be moved to a better site soon and that page will be updated 
to reflect this.

There were many papers about Self that you can read. See

-- Jecel

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