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> Stefan Urbanek wrote:
> Dear Stefan!
> See below!
>> On 2004-03-05 22:06:07 +0100 Jecel Assumpcao Jr <jecel at> wrote:


>> The advantage is, as I have mentioned before, the different computational 
>> model and well tested, fast runtime. Those are features that no other (or 
>> very few) scripting languages/environments offer. This moves Self to 
>> another, higher level, where one can use it not only for small pieces of 
>> code. One can use it for larger (user customisable) parts of an 
>> application. There are lots problems that can be solved in Self much more 
>> easier than in C/C++/ObjectiveC.
> I believe nobody has doubts about Self's power of expressiveness.

Well ... nobody here has doubts. You know about the power, people on this list know, I do and perhaps very-very few others, but that is all. In fact, Self does not exists. I'll move a bit offtopic, but ... if current developers of self will retire, Self will retire with them. And that would be pity.

>> How I see it? Application using one or more Self environments. Ok, now I 
>> let my imagination go... What about stadard application as a frontend to a 
>> distributed self environments on different machines?
> This sounds great. Distributed Self environments on different machines as the 
> basis of a collaborative architecture. Something
> like OpenCroquet (Alan Kay and so on) intends to offer to develop 
> applications written in Squeak?:-)!

Yes, and it is not too difficult to create something with OpenCroquet idea. Different from Squeak implementation there is one, perhaps not very nice analogy:

There is: WWW (passive) worlds +  web browser
There can be: Self (active) worlds + not-yet-written user (non-self) interface application.

If environment-native application (with environment-native visualising graphical tools) was used as an entrance or window to Self worlds, then it can be easily adaptable for potential users. And I think that it would be much more easier to introduce native app than to introduce something totally new.

Just imagine what everything can be done with those "living selfish worlds"... :-)

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Stefan Urbanek

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