[self-interest] Kansas and Tcl

Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Fri Mar 5 16:01:32 UTC 2004

Randy Smith wrote:
Hi Randy!
John K. Ousterhout in IEEE Computer March 1998 writes:
I am not aware of any rapid-development environments for
GUIs based on a system programming language. Whether the
environment is Windows, Macintosh Toolbox or Unix Motif
GUI toolkits based on languages such as C or C++ have proven
hard to learn, clumsy to use, and inflexible in the results
'they produce.Some of these systems have nice graphical tools
for designing screen layouts that hide the underlying language,
but things become difficult as soon as the designer has to write
code, for example to provide the behaviors for the interface elements.
All of the best rapid development GUI environments are based
on scripting languages: Visual Basic, HyperCard and Tcl/TK. page 28

I would like you to comment on Self's GUI within the context
put forward by Ousterhout. For him scripting languages deal
with policy and system programming languages with mechanisms.
He sees no problem in implementing scripting languages in
programming languages of course. Indeed TCl is implemented
in C. It may also be extended in C.

Have a fun-filled, peaceful, creative weekend

> TCL already existed before John Osterhaut (spelling?) joined Sun, and
> while Tcl was here, there was very little mutual influence between the
> Self and TCL groups, since both were rather mature and conceptually far
> apart by the time.
>         --Randy
> Albertina Lourenci wrote:
> > Dear Selfers!
> > I am curious if there are any relationship
> > between Kansas and Tcl, both from Sun!
> > Best wishes
> > Albertina
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