Saving Deltas

Michael Latta lattam at
Thu Jun 17 21:58:07 UTC 2004

I have a configuration management issue:

In Smalltalk you could file out all the changes made in a session, 
which would allow changing system methods.  These deltas could then be 
loaded into a new release of the image to apply customizations.  The 
transporter seems to be more about retaining a connection between a 
slot and a module.  If I change the module of all slots I modify am I 
going to regret it?  When a new image is release (4.2.2? or 5.0?) will 
I be able to load my module and overwrite the same slots coming from 
the original module in the new image?

The more I dig into Self the more clear it is that this must not be 
allowed to just die, and I am compelled to come up with some way to 
make a product on top of it.


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