Zero, a programming system

baltasarq jgarcia at
Thu Jul 29 20:53:49 UTC 2004

Hi, all !! 
I'd like to make public the Zero system, written by me, It is by now 
composed by a virtual machine, an assembler and a macro-assembler. 
The virtual machine is based on prototypes, and dynamic, such as 
Self. However, the syntax I've chosen is [a flavor of] the Java/C++ 
It can be downloadable for windows here: 
You'll find the web pages translated into english, as well as the 
README embedded in the zip package, unfortunately the examples and 
the rest of the documentation are written in spanish. The audience 
is expected to be spanish-speaking. Anyway, I think that its use is 
very straightforward. 
The program is multiplatform (in fact, right now the VM only 
supports the console, which makes things so far easy in that 
Actually, I develop it in Linux, and I cross-compile it to windows. 
I don't include the executables for linux, as the static compiled 
versions are huge, and the dynamic-compiled ones won't work in 
computers with a libstdc++ different to mines. 
The objective is to create a platform in which I'll develop a 
programming language wich I defend will smooth the learning curve in 
learning the object oriented programming paradigm. 
I'd appreciate any feedback. :-) 
But please, don't be too harsh ! Remember that the system is still 
in a quite inmature state, too. 
Salud ! 

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