[self-interest] Performance?

David Ungar David.Ungar at Sun.COM
Fri Jul 2 22:01:53 UTC 2004

What benchmarks are you running?
I believe that bytecodes/sec can be a meaningless figure.
Remember that in Smalltalk bitblt is one bytecode, and local variable  
access is one bytecode.

When we did our benchmarking work, we took a (then) medium-sized  
program, Richards,
and wrote it in optimized C++, and in several different styles in Self,  
varying in amount
of object-orientedness.

Remember, that in a Self-style VM, sends to self of messages whose  
method bodies are small are free.
Also, custom control structures you build run just as fast as ifTrue:  
while:, etc.
Last time I looked, this was not true in Smalltalk VMs. So, if your  
benchmark uses a control structure
that the ST compiler happens to replace with branch bytecodes, you do  
But if not, you lose. I don't know if it is still true, but in ST-80,  
folks used to distort their code
to use the "good" control structures.

- David

On Jul 2, 2004, at 10:28 AM, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:

> On Thursday 01 July 2004 23:11, Michael Latta wrote:
>> It looks like the compiler on the Mac is not as good as that for the
>> Sparc.  On my 1Ghz powerbook I got the following:
>> 47,058,823 bytecodes/sec and 17,247,597 sends/sec
>> which is a lot less than the 277Mhz sparc for bytecodes, but
>> competitive on sends.  Still not what you want when comparing to
>> hardware with 1/4 the clock rate.
> Is this a G4? I'll see what numbers I get on 1GHz G4 eMac the next time
> I get to use that machine. I suppose you are using the latest version -
> Self on the Mac didn't have the SIC (simple inlining compiler) before
> 4.2 and didn't even have PICs (polymorphic inline caches) before 4.1.6.
> <http://research.sun.com/self/release_4.2/Self-4.2.1/Self-4.2.1- 
> Release-Notes.pdf>
> It seems that the compilers have been improved for the Sparc. Here are
> more numbers on that same machine:
> Self 4.0 =>  60,150,375 bytecodes/sec; 5,845,070 sends/sec
> Self 4.1 =>  78,527,607 bytecodes/sec; 15,404,782 sends/sec
> You might also want to run the benchmarks several times. Here are the
> first ten runs in Self 4.1.1 on the Ultra:
>   75,029,308 bytecodes/sec; 16,746,759 sends/sec
>   74,116,965 bytecodes/sec; 16,915,608 sends/sec
>   69,678,824 bytecodes/sec; 16,492,340 sends/sec
>   72,480,181 bytecodes/sec; 16,946,674 sends/sec
>   97,116,843 bytecodes/sec; 16,962,250 sends/sec
>  100,078,186 bytecodes/sec; 16,993,488 sends/sec
>  101,910,858 bytecodes/sec; 16,962,250 sends/sec
>  101,185,770 bytecodes/sec; 16,977,855 sends/sec
>  101,105,845 bytecodes/sec; 17,024,842 sends/sec
>   85,106,382 bytecodes/sec; 17,087,897 sends/sec
> Please note that these are bad benchmarks for Squeak, and even worse  
> for
> Self (the moral equivalent of BogoMIPS in Linux). For a serious
> comparison we should be using DeltaBlue, Richards and so on.
>> Now I need to run the same thing on Squeak to compare on the same
>> hardware.  Could you point me at the squeak expression?
>    0 tinyBenchmarks
> -- Jecel
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