[self-interest] Performance?

Kyle Hayes kyle at silverbeach.net
Thu Jul 1 05:05:59 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 19:05, Michael Latta wrote:
> The Squeak list has postings for bytecodes/sec and sends/sec.  Are
> similar figures avaialble for self?  Is there a benchmark that can be
> run to get similar figures?  I would be interested in knowing the
> relative performance of the two systems.  Squeak seems to be running >
> 1000 cycles / bytecode.  This seems quite high compared to the
> techniques used in the Self compiler, even with GC and compiler
> overhead.

Hmm, I'm going to need to check Little Smalltalk again.  1000cycles (at 
what IPC?) sounds like a lot.  Remember that Self will use PICs and other 
optimizations to skip a lot of code.  It may be harder to say how much the 
equivalent bytecodes/s is when that happens.


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