[self-interest] Modifying Software

Ian Woollard junkmail at wolfkeeper.plus.com
Thu Aug 26 16:23:08 UTC 2004

Jack Waugh wrote:

>Self has no classes, and I suppose most programmnig modification is
>done by changing slots in the Lobby or by changing the objects
>(usually prototypes) to which those Lobby slots refer.
Yes, so in a pretty real sense, in fact Self *has* classes.

>So in Self,
>and in the actual practice of typical Self programmers, and with the
>support of typical Self programming environments, is there any way to
>modify software so that many existing objects change their behavior to
>reflect the modification?
Most of the objects in the system inherit their behaviours off a group 
of objects that are linked from the Traits object. Modifying these 
Traits' objects immediately changes the behaviours of all such objects.

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