helenameyer2000 helena at
Wed Nov 26 09:21:18 UTC 2003

Hello again,

Our problem with inheritance is that when we make a new
pluggableOutliner object, we want to add a sliderMorph to the object.

The slot target in the sliderMorph is set to the object
pluggableOutliner, so our problem is that it is set to
"pluggableOutliner" insted of "a pluggableOutliner"

Our implementation of method addSlider:

buildSliderTarget: pluggableOutliner
         Selector: 'scroll:'
            Color: color asEnhanchedColorForBackground: color

And implementation of buildSliderTarget: t ...

| f. s|
s: sliderMorph copy colorAll: c.
s target: t.
t slider: s.

f: frameMorph copy color: c.
f addMorphLast: s.
body addMorphLast: f.

It is a general problem for us, that target is not set to "a
pluggableOutliner" every where we need it.
The code above is implemented in :
"pluggableOutliner(a generalModel(...))"

(This is what we called the prototype)

Regarding the second issue:

We have tried to write "target changed", and now the object is redrawn
in an other position, but the screen is not updated (you can still see
the old version of the object...).
How do we remove the old object?


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