[self-interest] Caper: a Self-inspired language in prototype

Paul Chapman paul at igblan.free-online.co.uk
Fri Nov 7 22:15:01 UTC 2003


Thanks for taking a look at Caper. :)

> you don't mention Beta as an influence but it has a very similar 
> "flavor" to your system.

Beta is not an influence, since I haven't seen it. :)  I'll take a look.

> One little detail - you can see the bytecodes for any method in Self 
> just like in Smalltalk. What gave you the idea that you couldn't?

I wrote:

'... unlike Self, Caper reveals the internals of a method as *objects* down to its "bytecode"... ' [emphasis added]

I haven't used Self, but from the PRM it looks to me as though the bytecode for a Self method object is not itself an object, nor accessible through the slots of the method object.  I did assume that Self's bytecode could be read using mirrors.

Cheers, Paul

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