Issues about delegation

Mike Austin mike_ekim at
Thu Nov 6 03:34:23 UTC 2003

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Schofield" <jgarcia at e...> wrote:
>          These two objects, joe2, and mary2, share the shame
> String, because both objects have a "parent" attribute pointing to
> Person. Worst of all, joe2 and mary2 are actually modifying a
> prototype (an object which is playing the role, in this case, of a
> class).
>          How can I solve this ?

I think the most simple solution is to use create-on-assign, where a 
slot is created in the 'instance' only when you assign a value.  This 
saves space and also is a more generic solution.

I have a test runtime system right now that works well like this, 
although I haven't tested large programs.  I'm trying to avoid using 
things such as traits to keep it simple.  mybutton is-a Button is-a 
View is-a Object.  Each 'instance' is simply a specialization.  I 
don't know if this will work in the end, but it's what I'm going for.

-- Mike

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