[self-interest] Issues about delegation

"J. Baltasar García Perez-Schofield" jgarcia at ei.uvigo.es
Wed Nov 5 19:45:10 UTC 2003

         Dear Jecel (though anyone is invited to join the discussion):

> >          I see. So, the "general" solution would be to copy all
> > inherited attributes.
>Actually, in that kind of system you don't copy anything until someone
>tries to change it. So the "instances" might end up all looking
>different from each other depending on their history.

         Yeah, but I mean, if you don't have copy-on-write slots, then you 
should copy all data slots (attributes) of prototype object X in prototype 
object X' when you create it, deriving from  X.

         That raises another issue: dynamic inheritance. You should copy 
all atributes of the parent prototype object each time the 'parent' slot 
changed ...

         It seems that the issue of attributes complicates the 
inheritance-using-delegation approach.

         Salud !

> >          I understand. Is 'traits' a way to distinguish between
> > prototype objects ("classes") and "instance" objects ?
>It is a separate namespace - you can have both 'traits person' and
>'prototype person' in the system, but since 'prototype*' is a parent
>object in the 'lobby' object you can just say 'person' in the second
>The "traits" are more like the classes while the prototypes are more
>like instances. The objects you clone from them look exactly like them
>(since we don't have the "copy-on-write" slots mentioned above). In
>fact, a prototype should be a fully functional "instance" which is why
>I decided to give it a name like 'John Doe' instead of ''. Prototypes
>are special in some languages, but not in Self.
>-- Jecel
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