[self-interest] Problems running Self on a IBook

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Tue Nov 4 21:50:50 UTC 2003

On Sunday 26 October 2003 06:00, Friedrich Dominicus wrote:

Sorry about the delay in moderating this... I was at OOPSLA. It seems 
that all posts from new users must now be approved, and this has helped 
keep spam out of this list.

> running under MacOS X. Installation works but the opening screen says
> Version 4.1.5 (although I downloaded the 4.2 version is that still
> ok?)

The snapshot is often not updated for new releases. It said 4.0 for a 
very long time, for example.

> I can start the Demo with
> Self -s Demo.snap and I can navigate on the screen but I can not use
> my keyboard, it simply does not work. It just beeps.

Where are you trying to use the keyboard? Only a few editor morphs 
handle key events, I think.

> There are a few
> things I do not understand. I git a few warnings and other messages
> on the console
> here's an except:
> Self VM warning: _allocatd went negative
> Self VM warning: A one-work branch may not span the gap from the ....
> Self VM warning: ignoring failed Aple even: , -1708

Such debugging messages seem to happen on the Mac, though not on other 

> VM version: 4.1.10 ??

That is normal, though this number hasn't been updated since Self 4.1.1 
(the vm for 4.0 was 4.0.5 and for 4.1 was 4.0.10).

> Self 5 finger: Mac: no such user
> finger: unkown host: this
> sigchild ignored

This also happens on Linux but not on the Sparc - something in the 
snapshot startup code tries some stuff that doesn't work.

> Well I do not no what the messages mean but obviously something is
> wrong.
> Does anyone have encountered simular problems and/or does someone
> know a work around?

Except for the keyboard problem, none of the others are things you have 
to worry about.

-- Jecel

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