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is a Yahoo group that aims to gather together those
who have common interest in RFID, not only as just
a technology but also as a huge business

A quote from Forrester Research says,

"This technology (RFID) could radically change
the relationship between the customer and the
product. Fast forward 10 years, and it could
change the paradigm of what retailing is all

For a quick tour of how this technology
may affect your life please go to,

SV_RFID hopes to provide an environment where
members can communicate and share their passions,
visions, thoughts, concerns about RFID technology
as well as its business opportunities.

More specifically from technology perspective we
encourage discussions regarding tags, readers,
software infrastructure, database, datamining etc.
>From  business applications perspective we may
cover topics in SCM, ERP, EAI, middleware,
logistics, retail, manufacturing, homeland
security, medical devices, airlines, automotive,
government, etc. We would also like to discuss
issues regarding privacy, security and standards.

Our members include executives, professors, VCs,
engineers, lawyers, business analysts, university
students, etc.

We cordially invite you to join us!
SV_RFID Group Moderator

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