[self-interest] new Self release

cramakrishnan at acm.org cramakrishnan at acm.org
Fri Jun 20 00:42:38 UTC 2003

> We're pleased to announce a new Self release.  The major addition is 
> the availability of the optimizing compiler (the Simple Inlining 
> Compiler, or SIC) for the PowerPC.  As a result, Self on Mac OS X now 
> runs significantly faster!

This is great. Thanks a lot!

> PS  There is a problem with the Sun web servers dropping connections 
> during a file download.  Until this problem is fixed, we recommend the 
> use of the wget Unix utility.  (Wget attempts to continue a download, 
> despite server errors, and we have found it capable of fully 
> downloading the Self release packages.)

Another option is curl. For Mac users, Jaguar doesn't ship with wget,
but it does include curl.

These two statements will do the trick.

> curl http://research.sun.com/self/release_4.2/Self-4.2/Using_Self_MAC_OSX_PPC.dmg -O
> curl http://research.sun.com/self/release_4.2/Self-4.2/Working_on_VM.dmg -O

- sekhar

C. Ramakrishnan        cramakrishnan at acm.org

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